Istanbul Cosmetics, Health Food Exhibition 2019

Khoram Bahar exhibition firm In order to develop domestic production companies, it has sent a business delegation to the Cosmetics, Health and Skincare Exhibition to be held at Istanbul Exhibition 2019 on November 4-5.

لوازم آرایشی

This 3-day event brings together international companies in the field of cosmetics, detergents and home cleaners and raw materials companies to provide the opportunity to create more profitable and profitable markets.

B2B Meetings

The opportunity for B2B meetings during the event provides an opportunity to interview different business partners and companies.

These meetings are held at the B2B special venue during the exhibition hours.

نشست عقد قرارداد

Turkey Exhibition

Turkey Exhibition subjects:

Raw materials for cosmetics

cosmetic products

Laboratory services in the field of cosmetics

Perfumes and colognes

Services Packaging for cosmetics

Personal care and home care products

At the same time, the Eurasia Food Tech Exhibition will also be held, which will focus on technology in the field of packaging and food preparation.

نمایشگاه غذایی ترکبه

لگو نمایشگاه استامبول

The two events encompass a wide range of modern packaging and cutting-edge technologies in various food sectors ranging from chocolate and confectionery to packaging and processing technologies for meat and fish and dairy products. Choose safer and more efficient methods and methods for producing and packaging their product.

Exhibition hours from 9am to 6pm

Khorram Bahar team has sent a trade delegation to the two exhibitions with the conditions stated in the call form.

Contact the Khorram Spring Support Team for more call form and more information.

09388521052 – 02632544169

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